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Our Services
We provide component level board repair as well as rebuilding of units and systems.

From a simple roller assembly to main boards, network cards and fuser rebuild. If itís a part of a printer or connected to it we can fix it.

LCDís, system boards, network cards or any other component, none are beyond our scope. We cover laptops, desktops and servers plus things such as drive arrays and a host of external devices.

Point of Sale POS
Scanners, scales, cash registers and interfaces, ItemNet fixes most of these products. We also repair such things as fast food drive through units, banking units and related items.

Inventory Management
We can maintain inventory thatís ready to ship same day based on your exact specifications, product can be ours or yours and may be located in many centers around the country for fast and easy delivery.

Extended Protection Plan
If you are selling to end users and want the ability of offering a low cost extended maintenance plan, we can customize a program based on you specific needs.
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